Why Choose Our Case?

A gamer knows that you always SAVE your game  to protect the hours of progress you've achieved. It’s equally important to save the games you're not playing.

Give your games the protection they deserve with an acrylic case from BSAcrylics.

Why choose our case?

  • Durable, 3mm acrylic case;
  • Crystal clear, ideal for display;
  • Keeps box corners sharp and crisp;
  • Bottom slider;
  • Security strip included;
  • BSA holographic security sticker included.


Protective cases for video games: XBOX, PlayStation, PS2, PS4, Nintendo ES, SNES, GAME BOY, GameCube, Wii, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, PC, CDs and DVDs! Durable, acrylic, cases for maintaining the condition of your retro games. Our clear box-protectors are ideal for both storing and displaying your video game collection.